Dr. Warren J. Reingold

Dr. Warren J. Reingold is one of the more experienced eye surgeons in Los Angeles, and his efforts have helped improve the vision of thousands of patients. As a comprehensive ophthalmologist who has been featured on The Discovery Channel as a renowned LASIK surgeon, Dr. Reingold is able to diagnose and treat numerous eye diseases and conditions. To this day he has performed thousands and thousands of vision correction procedures and continues to provide quality eye care for all of his patients.

Refractive errors that cause far sightedness or near sightedness may start at an early age and can lead to a dependency on glasses or contact lenses. We offer Pediatric Ophthalmology to examine and treat vision problems in our younger patients, and Reingold Eye Center has a full optical boutique for eyeglasses and offers custom contact lens fittings as well. Eye conditions such as glaucoma or a cataract can develop through normal aging, which makes it extremely important to have an annual eye exam to detect the onset of disease and to possibly prevent vision loss. Many cases of blindness are completely preventable if discovered early, but if these symptoms are ignored they can lead to partial or full vision loss. Whether you have a history of perfect vision or not, as you age you may notice difficulty reading or driving. Our state-of-the-art facilities offer numerous options to help if you are facing these vision problems. Don't be another tragic statistic and contact one of our offices today to schedule your consultation. Thank you for visiting The Reingold Eye Center website and please explore through the pages to learn about our doctors, services, and our comprehensive eye care.